Hello Sweet Punch!
My name is Robert, and I have had the pleasure of hearing your music for the first time in a VA hospital. I was (in my own prison) at the hospital and your sister took care of me. I love music, and Cheryl and I were chewing the fat about it. Well, she told me of this band called "Sweet Punch" and how I oughta have a listen. She was kind enough to bring in her portable CD player and lent it to me over the night. Now, during the evening, I was having some minor complications (as usual) and to distract myself, I listen to music. Your music was so enjoyable it allowed me to escape; even if was just for a short time. Well, I started listening to your music over and over, and found myself falling in love with it! You have such a fresh original new style I havenít heard since I was in Europe. Your style has these rebellious rhythms and verses, with lyrics I feel are close to my heart. You have a very cheerful, beautiful and powerful "experienced" poetry that leaves me feeling as if I was there; experiencing your frustrations, your joys, isolation, conflicts and freedoms. Thank you for making your music, it's something I look forward to hearing in my life all the time. Thank God for Cheryl too. You both made a very painful time a little less unpleasant, thank you both.

Forever a Fan,
Robert Van Hemel